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About RSA

RSA Corporation is a custom manufacturer of organic chemicals, reagents and includes active pharmaceutical ingredients on a bench to semi-works scale. Our manufacturing facility and labs are FDA inspected and our operations are conducted under cGMP and SLP guidelines. Because our hallmark is flexibility and diversity, we offer you a listing of the typical reaction types we perform and the kinds of products we produce. This list serves to illustrate our technical capabilities and is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Our goal is to develop long-standing relationships with our customers based on mutual respect and trust. We have a responsive attention to detail, combined with flexibility and a dedication to quality and service.

Reactor Caps

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

RSA’s organics lab provides:

  • Innovation in solving customers’ problems
  • Experience in many types of chemical reactions
  • Both routine or small-scale syntheses
  • Support to the plant in pilot-plant studies, process scale-up runs, and process development

Production Equipment

Production Equipment

Capabilities include:

  • Reactors ranging in size from 32 to 2000 gallons (113-7600 Liters)
  • Operating temperatures ranging from 14 °F to 338 °F (-10 °C to 270 °C)
  • Pressures ranging from full vacuum to 900 psi
  • Full range of auxiliary equipment
  • FDA registered and inspected
  • Follow ICH guidelines
  • BSE/TSE free facility
  • Kosher production
  • ChemStewards Certified
  • Licensed for Schedule 4 controlled substances

Our Products

Storage Totes

1000’s of Diverse Chemicals

We have experience having produced thousands of different chemicals. The attached list gives a sampling of some of the products we have made. We are strong in process development, optimization and pilot plant scale up. We have experience in fine chemistry and pharmaceutical intermediates. We invite your inquiries.

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